'A Wedding Day in Autumn,1837' Hangeul Materials related to Princess Deogon from earth design works on Vimeo.

*Project Information
Title : A wedding day in Autumn,1837 - Hangeul Materials related to Princess Deogon. 기획특별전
Director : Kim, Young-jun
Client : 국립한글박물관
Launch : Sep, 2016

This exhibition introdeces Hangeul material on Princess Deogon(1822-1844) who is the last princess of the Joseon dynasty and the youngest daughter of King Sunjo(1800-1834) and Queen Sunwon(1789-1857). In particular, it focuses on the Hangeul materil through which we could see the Hangeul culture and royal wedding ceremonies of the 19th century. The exhibition also offer a chance ti feel the love of her mother, Queen Sunwon who married off her daughter.

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